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It is understood that the selection set 18 awards are annual Smart space design, the annual fashion space design, Annual aesthetic space design, the annual fashion Colorful space design, Best Accessories Design, the annual fashion humanistic design, the Year best luxury fashion Award Year villa design, annual cutting-edge designers, the year's most influential designers, the annual fashion glamor designer, year residential apartment design, Year showroom design, the year's best clubs space design, the year the best creative design, the Year exhibition space design,   . Metz magazine is a comfortable and elegant lifestyle of high grade high-end home magazine designed for the high-income class, circulation has more than 60,000 copies of the magazine since its inception, and very influential in the high-end customer base. . Has always been committed to provide customers with ultra-comfortable the International Home is a positioning high-end home business, since its inception has introduced from Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and more than 50 high-end home brand, including CA, FENDI, KENZO, MAB, BLANCHINI, comfortable quality home lifestyle. In 2012, the whole home solution as a whole to provide customers with the decoration, design, construction, accessories, furniture, ultra-comfortable international home newly established day HEREBY GIVEN villa decoration design center. According to the selection requirements, those who have some work experience and outstanding works of designers are invited to participate, to send 5-8 Zhang representative design works, must be attached at the same time on a personal resume and design case resolution. Among them, the time for submission of entries until January 25, awards time January 30. Recently, sponsored by Metz magazine, the international super comfortable home and IDA international designers Association "Beauty Mates" 2012 China Interior Design Annual Award has started, the selection is designed to provide for the best designers at home and abroad exchange, display, learning platform, introduced to the consumer, recommended by real professional design capabilities and a good work ethic designers. "Because of Metz and ultra-comfortable high-end customer base, to provide them with home design products and services, so we The annual award was jointly organized." According to Metz magazine editor Wang Libo disclose the The annual selection starts just started three days, received more than 200 design works case. "The selection of a certain spirit of fairness, justice, and the principle of openness, selected a number of real strength designers.     Year furnishings art design, the annual best light environment design.