place the carpet on the floor

13. Lights is very important, so we must ensure their place, they will work the best. Do not light your room. 12. Collect your assistant. Move the larger pieces of furniture. Add your works, such as a desk and sofa chairs, and then in the Annex. . 15. Enjoy your new room. In fact, throw a party, let everyone admire you've completed. You will be able to afford the money you save. 10. If there are any small items, you will need to purchase, go do it all dried. Do not go shopping without a list. Do you have your plan, you know what you need accessories to complete your look. Alight the budget, and eventually with clutter most simple method is without the list. 14. Hang your photos and resize the window treatment. Note: less is more. Tidy room will produce more novel impression, then there is all too much. 7. Once you have your look, know which parts are available to you, it is all the paper. You need to have a plan, because you may lose the "willing" assistant, if they want to move to the sofa 6 or 7 times, the right look, because you did not do your homework. Pay special attention to the electrical outlet and cable, heat and air vents, doors and windows. Lighting is important, unless you try the hard way, to get the kids, you want to be able to enter and leave the room easy and comfortable and move around. 8. Clear your room. Away from the unnecessary parts and accessories, and to keep your work in another room. 9. It's time to paint the walls, cleaning windows and wood products if necessary. Shampoo carpets, wash the floor, and make sure that your background is sparkling clean. 11. When the paint and the floor is dry, place the carpet on the floor (the furniture). It is also easier to do the curtains of the room is empty, and now. They can adjust the purchase.